Research methods

The project explores the role of collective authorship in the production of large-scale public architecture, through the means of video-interviews, following the reconstruction of the ideological context and the urban, social, economic and emotional impacts of building the House of the People.

To make the collective author visible, the project builds an artistic mirror to the House of the People through filmed narratives, brought together in a documentary corpus that will be completed during a longer time-frame.

Collective Authorship creates an interdisciplinary framework for an interview database with the direct participants in the realization of the House. Interviews focus on the personal experiences of the interwievees and were selected through a series of socio-professional criteria meant to reflect the structure of the personnel involved in the realization of the edifice, from design to various other phases and execution competencies.

Collective Authorship is a project initiated by the visual artist Călin Dan as a new episode of his long-term artistic research, Emotional Architecture.